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Committed to real relationships.

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This statement sums up the attitude of our church.

We desire to dwell on the things we have in common instead of the things on which we may disagree.  We are a church of people with diverse spiritual roots - Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Catholic, and none whatsover - all agreeing to faith in Jesus Christ followed by a dedicated walk towards Him in this world, and a home in heaven that is out of this world.

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Who We Are:

  • We are an independent, self-supported, and self-governed church whose allegiance is to Jesus Christ and the Bible.  Our loyalty is to our local assembly and our local community.  


  • For the sake of networking, resources, and missions we choose to associate with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Colorado Baptists, and the Royal Gorge Baptist Association.


  • (Our full statement of beliefs may be found in the booklet "The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000").  A copy may be obtained from the church office.

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